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10 October 2020

hello 10 minute diary entry that’s the time and date i’ve made the format on that a...

The Elves & The Shoemaker

the elves and the shoemaker a shoemaker by no fault of his own had become so poor that at last he...

Religion & Deities

atheism is not belief in existence of god it’s precisely the opposite it’s the...

  • 10 October 2020
    hello 10 minute diary entry that’s the time and date i’ve made the format on that a bit larger so it’s easy to see um done some housework a little bit cleaning dusting normally do […]
  • 8 October 2020
    there’s the time and date hello it’s that time and day and this is going to be a quick one because i’m going to keep them for 10 minutes because i’ve got time going over […]
  • 3 October 2020
    hello the 3rd of october 2020 and it’s coming up to quarter to 10 at night it’s been a bad week as i have expected despite what the initial feedback from julie was at both […]
  • 30 June 2020
    hello it’s 4 p.m on the 30th of june 2020. this i think is diary entry 58. i’m hoping to catch up with jeremy jono i think he stopped at 91. not sure what happened […]
  • 18 June 2020
    hello it’s the 18th of june at five to four in the afternoon i’ve just uploaded three more dire entries in my new south behind me which makes it a lot easier now and a […]
  • 16 June 2020
    hello it’s the 16th of june 2020 and it’s 2 30 in the afternoon 14 30 hours i had one mr private number yesterday possibly alfred but because it’s a private number no evidence that […]
  • 15 Jun 2020
    hello it’s the 15th of june 2020 at a quarter past two in the afternoon new look i’ve had a little move around thanks to a friend of mine lincoln coming down at the weekend […]
  • 13 Jun 2020
    hello saturday the 13th of june 2020 15 35 that’s 3 35 p.m well just after oh what a day you coming up kathy come on caspy come on what a day all i had […]
  • 10 June 2020
    good afternoon it’s 1pm just after on the 10th of june 2020 i thought i’d do a little update i’m not sure this is going to have much in it but i thought i’d have […]
  • 9 Jun 2020
    hello it’s 5 35 tuesday the 9th of june 2020 i’ve had what can only be described as a pretty crap day my mental health is edging towards minus five very much towards minus five […]
  • 7 Jun 2020
    hello good afternoon it’s now the 7th of june at 5 30 in the afternoon 2020 it’s been a few days oh probably it’s been a few days since my last update um the council […]
  • A bigoted racist solicitor?
    Yes, I actually had a call from a racist solicitor, who refused to accept that black people can be racist, and made up a story that I said all black people were bad. Needless to […]