Hello and thank you for coming. My name is Bill Gibbons and this. Is my diary. New. Look who’s going to keep it to. Basically, PowerPoint slides with text that, but now I’ve worked out through transparent backgrounds and overlays.

I’m using that instead to make it a bit more animated. The opening sequence. Anyway, what has happened? Not an awful lot since my last diary entry, partly because I’ve been concentrating on getting this diary revamped. And partly because. Nothing really has happened. The Council walks on forest. Are still in focusing a single point of contact, even though they haven’t told me they officially using a single point of contact because I keep getting emails from Nick Lane who, when this is all over, he’s going to get complaints against him. Also, at the moment there’s no point because Waltham Forest Council are not duly investigating. Complaints about staff in housing. And they’ve been told off for that also. It looks like wolf and forest think they’re above. The law, or at least. They think that they are touchable. I wouldn’t say they’re above the law, but I don’t think. They believe the law applies them a bit like in Duncan, Smith said to me in February that the law doesn’t apply to him because he’s a member of Parliament, right? OK then if you want to challenge me, I’ve got a voice recording on that. I can always put that live on here. I’ve just bought a air fryer for four pound. Off Amazon, there was a flash sale of something. Not sure whether it was genuine or what, but. There we are. What else is happening? And we still haven’t problem with. Getting rid of rubbish, still not. Got my bed removed. Still not got any money back from Waltham Forest counts. Who who are ignoring me? The thing is, they don’t justify. Why they’re ignoring me? When they put it in right into the Ombudsman. Oh yes, we’ve done this and we’ve done that. They’ve done **** all. Sorry for the language. But when they say. In a in a response to a Stage 2 complaint to me. Ohh yes, we’ve put a repair out and we’ve. Sent you a letter. Where’s my letter that you? Said in July. Oh, no, sorry. I must assume that you’re going to send it as soon as you feel like it and backdate it to July, because that’s generally what Waltham Forest Council do. So thanks to all of our three new subscribers in the last month. So thank you to all the new subscribers. Please share and like. I’ve got a new YouTube description. I’ve got a new template from. Stream elements. I believe it is Mercury dot stream elements and it templates all sorts of bits in there, so it makes setting up the. Description A little easier for me, so it looks a bit more organised and professional. I’m currently finished off. Setting the template up. For the diary. Which I’ll do in a moment and take a few seconds, and then I need to start on. The religion channel, the reviews channel, and. The opinions channel I’ve separated out religion because I don’t want. To mix everywhere. So you can pick and choose basically. Anyway, I’m not going to be long, this is purely a test recording and just to get something out. To let you all know. Travels with mine. I think it is. He’s been putting out on a live videos which I like watching. It gives him something to it gives me something to watch and hopefully things will look better. Oh, well done to Martin for getting away from all of these problems. Is that for the last year or so? It is quite nice seeing on the boat and the boat’s moving. It must be so frustrating living on a boat that has no engine in it for so long or no working engine at least. But we won’t go without mine. I know you’ve had problems before, but. Well done for. Getting out of there and you do look a lot happier and a lot healthier mentally, so that’s all it takes sometimes. Anyway, people, let’s see if the new macro works. I’ll speak to you again soon.