And thank you for my names, Bill Gibbons. And this is my diary. I’m just having a glance down. Yes, the picture looks stable. And hardly any lag so. We’ll give it a go from here, shall we?

It’s been a few days. Getting from there to here. I don’t know. I’ve deleted one episode that I put up and I’m redoing that as today it was the 28th and. The recording was a bit wonky, so now I’ve finally rebuilt the laptop and finally got. An external USB sound card working. I’ve got another one on order that’s a USB. Hub with sound card. Which makes more sense because if I’m restricted to a laptop with two USB ports, I might as well put. A hub on either side. So I’ve got space for expansion. I’ve tied desk up, I’ve tied the cables up, I’ve even tied, you know, tied in the cables to the extension arm, so they should be a lot better and there should be less background noise now. I’ve even tidied up. So now I’ve just got the main buttons that I need. 2425 bags are rubbish. No communication from the Council. I’ve contacted the Ombudsman. I haven’t contacted the local government ombudsman yet. Mate, Oh well, they said. They’ve got 12 weeks to respond, but. I’ll need to put another complaint in. As I said, there’s four complaints already against the police. Because a hate crime happened on Saturday and. Well, they think COVID reports from a black woman. Is more important than a hate crime from a white man. So now we know how they’re met. Assess their priorities. I’ve even sent an e-mail or a tweet to the Met Contact Centre. I’ve sent tweets them before and they get ignored them jury at the time. It’s hit and miss when they get responded to. I need to put a complaint into NHS England at the moment. And send an e-mail to the Standards Commissioner for Parliament because. As far as I’m aware, in Duncan Smith is in breach of these standards. He is not upholding duty of law or discrimination. Section 5. It came down to on the old copy that I had. Strange. I don’t know. I got it off the ******* website. And your armies. And I would copy. It’s amazing how many people rely on websites, just been what they’ve been told without actually test them. The bloke went away to test it. I really don’t know what to do. I’ve got some thermal paste and. An air canister for I’m going to give the laptop a quick service. It means it after God knows how many years. I don’t think I’ve taken the heat sink off and redone the thermal paste. So it’s probably dried up. So I’m going to redo the heat sinks tomorrow and clean out the air ducts. I’ve tried with a vacuum cleaner, but you do. Need an air can. I mean, there was a little bit of dust that it removed, but. You do need spray out. And then when I put the thermal paste down, Sasha did say use liquid metal and I was too scared. This is the only laptop that actually does. What I need it to? And I wasn’t too sure what metal the heat sink was, so for now. I’m going to put standard thermal but Arctic five. I think it is. I I think it did put some thermal paste on. A couple of years ago, but it was old thermal paste anyway. So I thought I’d treat the laptop to some decent thermal paste, and once I take it off. I’ll be able to tell whether it’s an aluminium or copper heat sink. If it’s copper, I can use liquid metal. When you get better cooling without apparently. I have seen the demos on YouTube and you do get a lot better in cooling, but I’ll try with standard thermal paste. And we’ll see what it gets to. Because doing this, although having said that, doing this now it doesn’t seem to be. Spinning the fans as much as it was a few days ago, so I think between the rebuild and changing the resolution and all sorts of stuff and the new drivers, then it’s probably not that hot anyway. I mean, after 6 minutes the fans aren’t on. I wonder if you could find. That tip tip tip. No, I can’t see it. No, can’t say it. But I think it’s definitely heating up. Render frame the frame time render. It’s gradually creeping up, so I’m assuming that’s because the process is heating up. So I don’t know anyway. I’m sitting here stressed all day trying to get through to people I’ve got through to the equalities and advisory service five times and they kept asking me to call back because there’s no one. Available. Why pick the phone up if there’s no one available? Just leave it ringing. Or is that against your code of conduct or something? So if you pick the phone up and tell people to call back you, mink the targets. Supposed to be answered within five rings or something, so let’s pick the phone up and tell them to call back. Can you come back? No, not really. Well, but there’s no one available for you. That’s cheating. That’s lying. Leave it to ring until someone can answer the phone properly. Don’t just answer the phone because you’ve got a target to make. I mean, it’s bizarre, equality advisory service. Gets a person to pick the phone up. One of them didn’t even have a decent microphone. You couldn’t hear him. He sounded like he was gurgling under water. And they pay someone to pick the phone up because they haven’t got a menu system. And yeah, I called scope 5 minutes after that and they’ve got a voice menu and it all puts on hold and you’re in the queue and you’re what position you aass don’t have that, apparently. Yes, apparently some people’s it teams aren’t as good as other people’s it teams. Just driving me up the wall. And I’m literally sitting here thinking what, who am I going? To try tomorrow. And I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. It comes to something when even your mental health team. Can’t call, he says. They’ve only got private numbers. Not good enough mentally often. It is not good enough. 2010 Equality Act came in. So I suppose a bit of. Get onto the standards Commissioner and contact NHS England to put. Another complaint in about my mental health treatment. I’m fed up with people saying they cannot call on a non private number. That is ********. For the last 20 nay 30 years. All pbxes have had a bypass code. But more than that, for the last 11 years, there’s been a duty of care to. Make reasonable adjustments for disabled people. Do you remember all the ramps going in in shops? All the little concrete ramps so that all shops had to be accessible by wheelchair? Do you remember that? Yeah, they don’t mind putting concrete ramps in that cost money, but to switch a phone system over to a non private number. Which costs less than putting a ramp in. I mean, if you know what you’re doing, it’s free. You just have to configure the box. This world is ********. I’m surrounded by liars. And I’m fed up of it. I’ve give space. This is bizarre. I’ve given space up here so that Cathy can sit up. Here with me. And he ******* off into the other room. I’ve actually rearranged it to make it more Casper friendly. Can you believe it? And there’s all this space here. Now, in this part of the desk. You can’t see the death, but there’s this space here. And if Casper was here, you could see him. I’ve done death videos with him and he’s been here. Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy. What am I going to do? I’d best get on. And UM. Start emailing a couple of people. Thank you for watching. It’s not quite narrow boat that chambers built, but. The diary that Gibbonsville. I suppose it could call it. Thank you for watching. I’ll speak to you tomorrow, hopefully.