Hello and thank you for coming back. My name is Bill Gibbons and this is the first diary entry of this week. 14 days later, still no response from the Council.

The waste management team. Again, this is the second time they’ve done this. I am not going to spend every day for the next two weeks. Sending them an e-mail or ringing them and not getting through and arguing with people on the phone that you can’t put me through and they can’t call me back. This is what I mean. This is why the Council needs to deprivation their numbers because people like me cannot get the services. They are restricted from disabled people. Is anyone understanding me? People with my disability have reductions in services. Because if they don’t get private calls, they don’t get calls from the doctors, they don’t get calls from councils. They don’t get calls from any public organisation, the police, my local team, always call me on a non private number. My point is if they can do it, why can’t everyone else? My further point is. If they can do it, why don’t they just deprivation their number altogether? I’ve spent years in the wilderness. Public organisations use private numbers. And I’m fed up of it. It’s only a small thing to change. So change it. I expect to be compensated for this. This is ridiculous. What I’m having to go through close to 30 bags of rubbish in there, another ones going in tonight. I’ve just. Emptied the litter tray. And another one will be gaining tonight. It is almost up to the height of the shower head. And the shower is in a bath. So imagine how high that is. Excuse me. It’s probably the spoon from the. Bathroom boys and girls. Apart from that, nothing really happened there. I’ve got my census through the weekend which needs to be done on the 21st of March. Hurrah, I contacted thorough Council today and they can’t accept me unless I’ve got. A close relative in the area, I’m sure. Between Waltham Forest and Thurrock, you can work out some arrangement to Get Me Out of this prison. They seem quite pleasant. The people on the phone at Thurrock. More friendlier than the people I’ve got down at Waltham Forest. Let’s put it this way. I put repairing on the entry system two weeks ago. I’ve not had anyone call me. To say what’s going on. Or is it because it’s the entry system, it’s not important or I’m not important or something’s not important. I did put complain about this five months ago when I put a or six months ago when I put a repair in and Morgan got back to me about my complaint. Thank you, eston. Uh, we’ll send it over to. The Council’s repair team? Really I’m asking. For the ******* report. And you’re sending it over to the Council. What’s the point in that? People are just ******* liars. I’ve had enough of it. I honestly have. What else has happened? Today I’ve turned the water in the cistern up a little bit. I think it’s up to about 40 odd degrees. You have to be careful when you’re. Using the hot water. But I think that worked better for greasing stuff. It’s only up about 5 degrees. I think it’s not up a lot. But I think it’s just at the. Point where it works. As a degreaser there. Have I got? I’ve got tabs beyond me. Yes, I’ve switched it around so left is right and right is left. It’s easy to. I’m using openshot. On my I’ve had to use openshot for the last couple of videos that I’ve put up. It needed oil. The one about. The Cats video about white superiority. That was easier to do in one take and then cut their video in the middle. And my last diary entry. The end was the wrong end, so I had to cut the end off and splice in the end on oh, it all looks like any other. Diary entry. So as long as you don’t know the difference, then I’m happy with that. I’ve played it on TV and it seems to work fine. A weird moment with the second monitor. Again. This morning it was working last night. Wouldn’t work this morning. I don’t know what the how was wrong, but I turned off all the power management features on the USB port. And then I turned off the S3 sleep feature in the. And BIOS UEFI. And then it suddenly started working. So. I don’t know why that was suddenly. Disabled or enabled. It was alright last night and I haven’t changed it since I turned it off. And turned it on. So maybe it’s a Windows thing. Maybe there was an update and it got reapplied this morning. I don’t know. Drives me up the wall. This is why I always prefer Linux or Linux or wherever you call it. You know where you are with an open source operating system. The reason I’m using Windows and well, there’s two reasons I’m using Windows 1. Obs works better under windows than it did under Linux. There is no browser source. For instance under Linux, although having said that I don’t really use browser sources anymore. And two, there’s no real client for OneDrive and I rely on OneDrive. So I’ll have to go back to Windows just for OneDrive. There’s no point in looking at other things because I’m paying for subscriptions on Microsoft Office anyway. So I might as well kick the TB I’ve got with Microsoft and just use Microsoft. Windows 10 is pretty good. I’ll we’ll give you that. But it’s just when Windows does these odd little things. That didn’t seem to happen under Linux. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Chris might come through with something about the move. There’s got to be a way out of this predicament. I’ve done nothing wrong. And I’m imprisoned in my flat. I can’t get out. For fear of my neighbours shouting at me, I know it sounds pathetic. But that’s the sort of person I’ve turned into. When you live on your own and you’ve got no. One supporting you. You are liable to be bullied. And when the buddies used the police against you. What can I say? I can’t lie, especially not to the police. I haven’t had anything back from the police since I sent them the video of the police visit in May. In which they said that they’d asked me about various things and they didn’t, and they was only here for 90 seconds, didn’t even cross my threshold. And then it’s supposed to have come down on the 3rd and discussed all this with me as well. And I don’t remember anyone coming down three days later. Don’t think of any running out since I reported. My thing 30 weeks and. I’ve asked the police for their evidence. I’ve sent them my evidence. I’ve asked them for theirs. Let’s see if they actually take that to heart and send me a copy. I don’t know what else to do. I see uh redoing the cage again. Oh my God. Or is it the manager? I can’t remember, I think you. The menagerie. Excuse me. At least we take the cleaner now. Now I’ve got some sort of system to keep in toothbrush, and I’ll take my toothbrush and put it in, both in the cabinet. So I can clean. My teeth properly every night now and every morning. So they don’t feel too bad now. I am quite. Neurotic about my teeth and not being able to get the rubbish makes it even worse. Oh well, I suppose we’ll just have to wait and. See what happens tomorrow. I’ve got, yet I’ve got today’s one that I’ve uploaded diary entry to subtitle and I’ll do that tomorrow. And I’ll do this tomorrow, but put yesterday’s one, which I’ve done this morning up tomorrow. And this one will go up the day after. My God. I’m going out of my head. I’m losing track of which day is which. I just have to make sure that I upload and put the thumbnails up before I do the. Next one, because otherwise I lose my thumbnails, they’re all magically generated. And I don’t do a. Lot of work on these videos now. It’s the way I like the system. I suppose I’ll speak to you tomorrow. Have a good night, people.