hello a belated day nine and final video in this series i’ve come off the hunger strike i had a huge pizza last night shared it with my camera well i say shared she bought it and had two slices the other six um didn’t feel too well after eating it now strange anyway um finally um happy meeting on friday with social care team at buckingham and for six weeks they’ve agreed to liaise between me and the rest of the council which is basically what my housing officer should be doing but i haven’t got a good housing officer and i have told bark and dagman about this but they just ignore me

so with any luck and if my cat doesn’t destroy the furniture

i should be getting away from [ __ ] knackling council soon because as i kept explaining to a lot of people the council are my big problem they are giving me this illness so anyway thank you for your support

and this will be the final series in this but i will carry on i will make not sure much daily diaries because they’ve taken enough long time to actually compress and compile but i will be starting what i’ve been promising a daily diary of how i am affected by asperger’s at least how i seem to be affected by asperger’s so thank you for your support and

goodbye you