hello day eight what am i reckoning um almost a stone lost in a week just a sign you can see that in the bottom corner over here over here what’s happened today um been to the food bank first trip to food bank boom life um they were good people they gave us an awful lot of food paul merlin has to go with that apparently unless the tin of salmon is for him for three days

which is also another issue because hey i only managed to get this voucher because i was at the hospital at the time in barking which is about three and a half miles away

if i want to get another voucher to go to a food bank remember i’m supposed to be going to a food bank because i’ve got no money if i’m going to have another voucher then i have to basically walk all the way to parking hospital three and a half miles then walk from barking hospital to the abbey road sports centre another two miles and then walk five and a half miles back home with the food bank items which seems a bit ridiculous and i say i have to go to the abbey road one because the only other one near me is in chadwich and that’s a mile and a half away and it’s only open on a thursday for two hours so any other time i have to go all the way to every road they don’t give you any allowance to get to the voucher or to get to the food bank so basically once a week i get food and then i have to make three days worth of food last for a week fair enough i suppose that’s the system no one’s really thought it through which is the incompetence i have to suffer with bark barking dagnam council and i’m getting onto him now john crudus not exactly my favorite man um in order to escalate this issue i contacted a few people this morning um parliament well initially yeah parliament first they couldn’t help me this is to put complaint about john cruz and his behavior towards me parliament were very nice they put me through to the office of parliamentary standards but before they did they said they probably wouldn’t be able to help either the office of parliamentary standards said i would need to contact the local labour party i tried contacting the local labour party dagnam on their website they’ve got a mobile number which doesn’t seem to ring it goes dial in but i left it dial in for about a minute and it didn’t seem to get through didn’t even start ringing so then i contacted the labour party headquarters

and they were very helpful as well everyone seems to be very helpful it’s only when you get to john gradus and my local council generally some people in the local council are brilliant but the majority of people i have to deal with are absolutely dire when it comes to customer service

i spoke to the labor party headquarters i have emailed him previously and the email seemed to go on deaf ears but i spoke to him thinking well there’s only one way of escalating on this

and they were very good they said i would need to get in touch with um the right honourable nick brown mp the opposition’s official chief whip so i’ve left nick a voicemail and i’ve sent him a couple of emails today one including quite a lot of information that i’ve just sent to samaritans again and also both my contact numbers and you know thanking him for any assistance he can give me

so that’s the only thing that’s happened today i did must remember i did get an email from john gradus today which was no better than pissing in the wind really he said basically to paraphrase his um email he’s drafting a response covering all my issues because he’s been in touch with various officers of the council and it comes across as he’s been responsible for a lot of the means that i’ve been going to this week regarding social services so it looks like my hunger strike is falling on deaf ears as well but the reason i say it’s like pissing in the wind is because he hasn’t told well one he hasn’t contacted me first he hasn’t verbally spoken to me so he’s only got basic information in my emails to go on and he hasn’t told me exactly what issues he is responding to

nor has he actually told me anything about

any investigation into the abuse that the council barking and agner are perpetrating against me

so really i’d rather him not contact me if he’s gonna treat me like a blooming idiot because that’s how it comes across you know i’m better than you you just cope with this is exactly the same standard of work that the council gives me instead of giving me the information i’ve asked for they give me a rough bit of information so john crudus is the standard by which the council worked to apparently and the standard this is the other thing i had an email from someone at the council this afternoon i think it was an out of office from janet mcniven

and she’s in the social care team the mental health team and in the out of office there was four mistakes in her part and at least two that i can remember in the corporate disclaimer so i put two complaints in because i think it’s poor customer service i put two complaints in one against janet and one against the ict for the corporate disclaimer part i have one email back from the acting head of complaints

regarding janet’s email nothing regarding the ict email just the one regarding janet

yes the acting head of a complaint did actually copy in the email which i was complaining about which they hardly ever do unless i complain that they haven’t include because normally what i get from corporate complaints if i do get a complaint logged it’s just a generic email with a reference number it doesn’t tell you what the context of the complaint was it doesn’t give you a clue if you log three complaints you don’t know what the number they’re looking is or whether that one is com you know a complaint against all three

so yes she did respond but basically it’s the same old nonsense from bark and duck and council which is putting people at risk they won’t understand this but i’m sure some people will out there in youtube land they have responded that they haven’t logged the complaint they have noted it which incidentally they also noted a similar complaint about ict about three and a half years ago and it doesn’t look like any action’s been taken but it was noted and that wasn’t logged either just know it um but unless they can’t lock the complaint i’ve been told again that doesn’t involve any harm sorry they wait for people to be put at harm before they look a complaint surely complaints is all about preventing harm and poor service rather than waiting for something to drastically happen and besides like i emailed this afternoon there was plenty of time for corporate complaints to return the email but as i say i’m still on the vexatious list no one wants to talk to me i get one shot at this and i don’t get any other responses normally ever since about three years ago when that seven year email war went on because no one was giving me a straight answer to a simple question um yes so

that isn’t getting anywhere basically they have to put put you at risk or you have to have suffered harm quotes barking and dagnam council they don’t log any complaints if there is no harm now i would like to know one how they justify or qualify what harm is because i’ve got anxiety asperger’s depression all sorts of stuff going on and every time i get a stupid email or not so much stupid but an unprofessional email for which anyone in a customer services role in a private company would be sacked for because i have seen people sacked for less so obviously standards in public life are damn sight lower than standards in private corporate life that is wrong standards should be the same or indeed better the public sector need to go back 30 years and actually have the standards they used to have since i left the inland revenue 20 odd years ago now standards have fallen in public life public sector were never allowed to get away with the stuff that bark and dagnam again are allowed to get away with now standards used to be high now they’re allowed to have four spellings or four spelling mistakes on the three line email and an incorrect phone number published via the corporate disclaimer at the bottom of all emails the phone number is wrong if you dial the number they publish it won’t get you anywhere if you dial it exactly as published i have told ict i’ve put complaints in because there isn’t a contact email for ict otherwise i’d email them directly at least i don’t find a contact female for ict and i’ve tried trust me i have tried um i have told ict via the complaint system which just gets noted and ict probably aren’t aware of that their email server the exchange server the active directory server somewhere along the line has been set up wrong and it has been set up wrong for years it’s inconsistent with the email addresses it’s inconsistent with the naming conventions and it’s set up for a us telephone format they must be aware of this it’s sloppy work it’s shoddy it’s unprofessional and it should not be allowed just because no one seems to be at home well if someone tries to use the phone number on the bottom of the corporate disclaimer and that’s the only phone number they’ve got and that isn’t wrong yes people can be put at harm they might not see it but i’m sure most sensible people will so if they’re advertising a phone number that doesn’t exist bad if they’re writing three lines of an email to say they’re out of the office and they get four words in three lines wrong bad if that email is coming from the mental health team that is just as bad because they that is even worse because they should be aware of some people’s issues when they get so many errors in one little email the odd error i can probably overlook as long as it makes at the general gist of the email makes sense but major things like i said the other day in one of these vlogs major things like sending an email without a subject line because that can get blocked and filtered by a lot of email systems major things like the corporate disclaimer which is a check once and publish you’ve only got to get it right once so you check it a few times you know before it goes live i’ve had to do corporate disclaimers i’ve had to check them i’ve had to get them double checked it should go through at least two people and if it doesn’t then the system in ict and barking dagnam are wrong i don’t know if it was done when they were in house or outhouse but i know a lot of ict is in house still in parkland dagnam i knew people that were in the department i used to work with some of them i even know the systems because i’ve worked for six or seven councils so capita northgate all those systems worked with supported them i know how they interact and yet parking dagnam will never ask about the systems oh no we can’t give you that information mr gibbons really well it’s on public domain it’s nothing special i’m not asking for passwords or security features or how they’ve added customized just what systems and how old are they because i’ve got a funny feeling barking decking them aren’t paying for the full updates on some of their systems judging by some of the printouts i’ve received

so i’ve sent that email over to um the writer nick brown mp the opposition’s official chief whip and we shall see what happens tonight i’ve even as part of this email not only to nick brown but to john kratos and david simmons the local government monitoring officer for bargaining dagnam who after four days still has not responded to any of my emails to him and i would like an answer as to why he hasn’t taken any of this personally on here’s the bloke at barking dagnam just for your knowledge every council has one and he’s this bloke that you’re supposed to be able to take all your complaints to if you don’t feel you’re being satisfactory treed by that council so every council has a local government monitor officer contact my council on general switchboard no one knows what the lgmo is no so for two years because i didn’t know who the lgmo was because i found out that no one knew i have not been able to take this any further well apparently it doesn’t look like contacting david simmons at barcan dagnam council does any good anyway because he hasn’t responded i’ve not even got an out of office for david so i’m assuming he’s in the office and he’s ignoring my email also regarding out of offices and the way the servers are up for years now i’ve been complaining that they’ve actually turned the ict team under someone’s instruction can’t find that out under someone’s instruction turned off the auto acknowledge the auto receipt function on the exchange server whereas before you could send an email into the council and get an auto response back saying this has been received that hasn’t been received you’d know within minutes whether the email has got through to at least the server never mind the mailbox you’d know if it reached the council since they’ve turned that off it leaves people like me with asperger’s and anxiety not knowing because now they’ve got this up to five days response time i end up sending an email every day to find out if they’ve acknowledged me email and of course they see me as even more victorious in that point but all i’m trying to do is find out if an email has been received one email and i have to send five or six emails to find out whereas before i’d send one email and instantly know within minutes if the email was received on the server and i’ve asked them to turn it back on but they just ignore my request it’s a good public service customer service is making sure the customer is fully aware i don’t i could train the council i could train john cruddus because you know his customer service skills he did get taught by buckling dagon council i’m sure of it because even after his one email he’s personally emailed me this evening why no phone call john why no face to face he hasn’t apologized in his email tonight for no face to face and he hasn’t apologized for a lack of communication he’s just put in that he’s just been busy trying to get answers to my issues well tell me what issues you’re getting answers to john because i still don’t know and i’m going round and round in circles so along with my signal and a two-page memo from my psychologist let’s see if that actually improves things anyway that’s all for tonight thank you for watching thank you for your support so far and hopefully by day nine i should have a bit more positive news for everyone please because i want to eat again i’m looking forward to a good pizza and this is not the way i do weight loss in case anyone thinks oh he’s not on a hunger strike he’s just dying no i’ve done slimming world twice i know how to die this is not the correct way to do it you have to have a little food i’m having nothing someone criticized me one of my family members criticized me oh you’re on a hunger strike are you and you’re drinking milk really he doesn’t know what hunger is obviously so i’ll say nothing but he’s from you know my other uh my uh my sister’s family about 200 miles away from london let’s put it out by to the west they thought when i drove up in a red fiesta 30 years ago now that everyone clambered around and said oh look uncle billy’s driven up in a ferrari hmm seriously just because it was red it wasn’t even the right color anyway good night i shall speak to you tomorrow