Nope. Another second one of the day. I’m laying in bed. You can see what the time is. And I just can’t understand why people hate me.

Everyone says everyone else is helping me. My MP and my councillor blocking my emails. I really don’t know. I haven’t felt this bad since I’ve that’s called being bullied. I don’t know. Life is just crap for me. Because I’m by myself. I have no one for support. I can’t leave my flat because all the other flats have got multiple occupancy. So that several people that would lie against me. I’ve been through this before. I can’t do it again. Surrounded by liars. I’m hemmed in by two. I really don’t know. I really don’t know what to do. My single point of contact is an adjustment. Apparently a reasonable adjustment. But I’m sure the reasonable adjustments are supposed to be discussed with the person that needs the adjustments made. May not both be adjustments to the Council. Let’s both be. For the benefit of the disabled person. No one discussed the single point of contact me. No one followed through the unreasonable behaviour policy with me. I am so ******* confused. Is it a reasonable adjustment which I never asked for and reasonable for whom? Or is it only available under the? Unreasonable behaviour policy, in which case it hasn’t been applied and the Council were in breach. No one in a year has explained this. They’ve given excuses, but their heaven explained where they getting the power to remove my rights from. My human rights and my protected rights under the Equality Act. I just want an explanation. It’s a bit too ******* far down the road to have an explanation suddenly thrust on me now. Because then that generates another question as to why you didn’t explain it a year ago. This is what I said a year ago. The more you leave it, the more complaints there will be because. If you don’t answer the question straight away, but you do eventually, then I’ll put a complaint in about you’re not answering the question straight away. What would be the reason behind that? It’ll be complaint after complaint after complaint. Until someone actually treats me with respect. And treats me with honesty. I don’t get very much honesty around here. Everyone’s a ******* liar. Ian Duncan Smith councillor Dory. Housing a racists and liars no one wants to ******* believe a word I say. They just want to block me. How is it right that public officials elected public officials can block the constituents? I thought we all had a right to access Ian Duncan Smith has blocked me on Facebook. He’s blocked me e-mail. I even have to deprivation of my phone. In order for him to pick up. Well, privatise my phone, not deprivation. I know they’re blocking my number because Barker and Dagenham did the same. And the only reason I’m behaving like this is because no one will give me a straight answer. That’s all I’ve ever wanted, a straight, honest explained answer. Telling me this is what we’re going to do, Mr Gibbons, and not answering the question. Well, why? Is not an answer to me. It’s response. That’s how I classify things. If you fully answer the question, it’s an answer. If you just respond to the question without answering it, it’s a response. It’s quite simple, it’s English. I know it’s not everyone’s chosen ******* language nowadays. And I think being the minority of people that know how to use the English language correctly. But I use the English language well and correctly. And won’t be tied. People that use it inappropriately or the accurately. I will correct you. I don’t want to. I’d rather you thought about your replies and gave me a detailed, accurate reply. But I am not putting up. I went through. Schooling in this country. To learn the English language and I’m not going to put up with anyone, give me any less. Or use of English than I have. Especially whether in managerial positions. I would expect them to have superior at least the same level, but but I would expect superior English usage from them. You know Rd sweepers and caretakers and things like that. May be at the same level, but anyone in a public facing job the same as me. If you’ve got less use of English language and you don’t understand the question. That’s not my problem, it’s yours. And I would question how you got your job in the 1st place. Was it through friends or friends? Was it cause you got the same skin colour? Do you know people’s family? There’s a lot of that going on. The only good thing that’s come I have though. Thanks to Sasha. Is I’ve got my thermal paste through and my air gun or big can air canister. And my laptop is running so quiet now since the thermal paste was like chewing gum on this thing. I almost had to scrape it off both the heat sink, which is aluminium, so it’s good job, didn’t go for the liquid metal. The processor and GPU the GPU is separate. You actually have two separate blocks on this, so that’s why it actually deals with video quite well now. I really don’t know what to do. I’m going round in circles. I even tried the environmental agency today but. They told me exactly what I expected. You need to complain to the local authority where the environmental waste is the remit. But no one seems to care that local authorities environmental team. Have been non incommunicado since April last year, where they’ve had their phones on a permanent forward to customer services. How do you talk to environmental waste? People will, to them, need to talk to people. I’ve sent emails and they’ve been ignored. I still send emails and they get ignored. That’s why I need to talk to people cause I can’t trust that emails will be actioned or even received. So come on, I’ve got an explanation for everything that I do. You might not like the explanation. But it is an explanation and it’s honest. No one’s actually told me anything. In the last year, no one’s told me a thing. They’ve told me how they’re going to treat me. I haven’t told me why. I just get told things. No one talks with me to discuss things. I’m getting so fed up. I am so angry. And so tired of fighting. I am not asking for much, just to people to carry out what they’re contractually obliged to. But when the housing manager? Junaid Uddin tells me on the phone three months ago. They’re not going to enforce the fire laws where it comes down to stairwells. Ohh right. So if they’re not enforcing fire regulations. They’re not enforcing tenancy agreements for earling. What else aren’t they enforcing? No one cares. I mean, literally no one cares. Like I’ve been saying for a year now, when it gets to the local authority. I’ve complained to MP’s and they’ve got these rules that you have to complain to your own. Well, who do you complain to when your own MP’s and doing their job and is blocking you? He’s blocking me because I raise reasonable issues that he doesn’t want to deal with. I’ve got mental health issues, but it’s not a mental health problem. My mental health issues are related to local government, Waltham Forest Council not doing what they said they would. They promised to do things, and they reneged on their promises. Time and time again full of liars, there is no one in Waltham Forest Council I can trust. I have put complaints in. About not receiving emails and I’m not getting any complaints logged. Again, we’re back to that old one, and even when they do log a complaint, I don’t know which ones they’ve logged. Because they just give me a ******* number. They don’t tell you which complaint it was, and your complaint has been logged under seeing you 6932131. I don’t ******* know where that relates to. If you put 3 complaints in, you get one reference number back. But does it relate to? In fact, if you put the three complaints in and you get 3 reference numbers back back. Which reference number relates to which complain? Was queried about this four or five months ago in a housing forum. She said that no one would be forced to use the online system. Really. Well, how does that workout then? I’ve asked for that evidence for various reasons and the refusing to give it to me under FOI, even though it was cleared with all the participants by e-mail and at the start of the meeting, can’t get it. They don’t like being caught out. Waltham Forest Council. None of the councils do, quite honestly. I worked for Wandsworth and they were all right. If people said, well, this is wrong. I don’t know why they were different. But Wandsworth Council actually. They weren’t happy with getting, you know. Feedback saying they were wrong. But they would look into it. They’d investigate it. If the policy was wrong, they’d change the policy and they’d apologise for it. That’s all you expect. But other councils just well, this is what we’ve decided. This is what we’re going to do. They don’t care whether it’s illegal. They don’t care whether it’s infringing your rights. And yet, what are the legal departments paid for? If they’re not clarifying whether it’s paid, whether it’s actually lawful or not. I can’t do this on my own, but I’ve got absolutely no support. All I’ve got is Mary. To talk to. I don’t know. I’ve had no acknowledgments back from an HSA, England or UM. Now tell I’ve got e-mail back from NHS England when I sent out they got an auto response. But I don’t believe I’ve got a response back from Nelf yet. I haven’t got anyone from the police calling me. So my hate hate crime laugh reported. Has still gone. The boys are all in there. I don’t. Know where moments go. He was asleep in the corner of man go, but he’s gone. We’ve probably gotten back in the bedroom. OK. If you’ve got any ideas, please let me know because I’m ******* fed up now. I really don’t know what to do. And of course, count of how much. Rubbish. I’ve got in that bathroom now. And this is only after about 5 weeks. I’m too afraid to actually order any food. Because I can’t get. Rid of rubbish. It’s down to that bird now. And everyone thinks it’s my fault. I’m too scared to even step over the threshold. Of my own door. And yet it’s my fault because I’m afraid of everyone because they all have a guilt me. How is it my fault? And being bullied. But it’s my fault for being bullied. I really don’t understand. I don’t know. Anyway, I suppose I better. Leave it for now and try and get some sleep. My head is spinning so fast. I really don’t know.