Hello, good morning. Thank you for coming to that. My name is Bill Gibbons. And this is another diary entry. I really don’t know where to start.

I’ve got coffee now. Been living off daycare for 10 days and I’ve discovered I’ve already got a box of. The normal coffee in the cupboard that came through 10 days ago. But it’s good that I’ve been on decaf because there’s an awful lot of decaf in there and I need to detox a little. Had an e-mail from Chris Girling. My mental health case worker, last night asking for. A home visit. I’ve told him no because no one complies with the law. The Equality Act 2010 specifically. And I’m fed up of it. He sent me another e-mail this morning quite understanding and I’ve said to him like, if you want to discharge me, discharge me because basically the mental health team are not supporting me. That I can see this is the bit that no one seems to get. I don’t get copied in on any communication, so I think no one’s doing anything. So if I think no one’s doing anything, it doesn’t matter if they are or not. It’s what I see. Like I keep saying to everyone, I am autistic. To people like me, words are cheap. It’s actions that matter. What you do, not what ye say you will do. I could say I’m going to go to live on Mars next week. Don’t mean I’m going to do it though, does it? So I’ve said to him and I’ve copied in some of the councillors that have refused to actually talk to me, that are supposed to been talking to me. Louise Mitchell, councillor Roz Doyle. No one talks to me. But no one chases up on that either. I mean, cancel the door, said that Louise Mitchell. Would call me. But cancel the door hasn’t called me to see if Louise Mitchell has called. Ohh, I know you’re busy, but stop promising things that you not guaranteeing to deliver. I don’t want to be told 234 weeks later that ohh several people were running around because this is a matter of urgency. Really 20-5 bags of rubbish and the Council being racist as well as the police. 4 complaints and still no one’s come round to investigate a hate crime against men. And what makes it. A hate crime. I am disabled. I am getting threatened and bullied and victimised by the Council and my neighbours. And no one wants to do anything. You tell me that’s not racist. And discriminatory against disabled people as well. All I ever get are investigations. I don’t get actions, I just get people saying, oh, we’re going to look into it. I report faults to Waltham Forest Council. No one gets back to me. I have to chase them. No one contacts me to say. Ohh well, we’re waiting for a part or whatever. I have to do all the running around. And these are called public servants. Who the **** are they serving? I’ve got to go through. Diary and do the subtitles for it. Correcting the English language bit is the longest bit of that. That takes 1020 minutes, and then it’s just a matter of another half hour to put all the other subtitles on. Sometime today I should be getting the paste and the can of air so I can service this laptop finally. I think it’s about 8 years old, so it does need a good service. I did have a look. I mean, I’ve had to put on my feet a few times to change hard drives and that and there’s no dust in it, which is surprising because you know, Merlin likes sleeping on the keyboard. But I will give it a blow out and. Make sure everything’s clean. So it has an easier tyre. That’s building skin. I tried Yass again this morning and. Now the answer phone message is crackly. You can’t win, and even if. It did get through to a SS. They’d only sent me another bunch of ******* forms that I can’t fill in. So I can’t get any service because I’m disabled work that one out. The Equalities Advisory service you have to not be disabled. To get their service. So who’s it for? Can’t get a friend or a family? No. Why does everyone think everyone that’s disabled got friends and family that can help? I spent the best part of six months. Wanting to close one of my credit cards because I’ve paid it off and I just can’t do it, I can’t face the aggro of the sales pitch. Oh, you should even leave it. So I’ve got money in an account that I can’t get to because I’m too afraid of calling them. Work that one out. I really don’t know. I can’t have a shower. I can barely wash because I’ve got flies in the bathroom, so nothing’s really clean any more. But no one gives a ****. The place is cold because I’ve had to leave the window open in the bathroom just to get the smell out. So the place is cold all the time now. So the heating is on most of the time. No one cares. You wanna come over today? I don’t know. I mean, it’s all right me having a. Moment on air. I have no one to help me. My MP should be doing all this. But Ian Duncan Smith doesn’t give a ****. Excuse me is. A troublemaker. Vexatious, unreasonable behaviour. Unreasonable behaviour from a millionaire. You come and live in this ****. And get all the abuse that I get and then you say it’s unreasonable behaviour. I just hope I’ve not offended some people across the world that see the subtitles because some of the words. Must take a while to translate. Oh, may not even translate correctly. And I’m trusting the translator on YouTube to be fairly accurate. It might be offensive to people. I’m sorry if that happens. That’s me. 10 minutes. I may do another one later on. After I’ve upgraded the laptop. But I might not bother. I seem to be talking to myself.