This is just going to be a short video. My part anyway, most of it is done by Eka, a friend of mine that came round during the week to clear the rubbish. I’ll hand over it to ECA and at the end I’ll. Give you a quick outro.

This is Billy’s life today. I’m coming here. To what? What to do with you?

But today, with me cleaning the bathroom empty a three months.


Worth of rubbish. It is basically three months worth.


When I worked it out, it was. Just after the new year.

Billy. Billy. OK, I will make your life more better now. This is my job today. I think I.

All I really want today, Becca, is the bathroom. Clean so I can.

Have a bathroom. I know I can make it tidy.

I never knew because they tried arranging mental health, tried arranging a care plan for me £93.00 a week. It would be costing me personally like £25 extra week. And I couldn’t afford that. And then they said 60 pounds of weight.

Why you put the table like this?

I think that’s the one that’s broken. I put it up upside down so that people don’t. Sit on it, cause the legs are broke.

Who? People who body come here. But you say nobody. How about this one?

If I had it down. They all look the same. Fight it down. Yeah. No, they’re fine. They’re the ones for the cat. Ones for men. Because don’t put a chair for the cat next to me, you’ll get up. On top of the table.

I’m gonna be putting my content this week about Billy’s life lights. Ohh yeah, put the light. If I will.

I can’t hear the details. Table a gift.

OK with camera.

The camera up there. I don’t even know if it’s on.

With everything but how come you?

I don’t think the camera.

Look complete with these things and not so bad your life, but. Why like this?

I’ve just been getting visitors, huh? The only visit I had before was like. But the last person to come round here was literally my ex-girlfriend, a Filipino. But then. I’ve got ****** *** with her as well.

Anyway, I’m not your girlfriend. I’m your carer. Yeah.

No, I know, honey.

OK, look nice. Everything nice. So I pushed my your priority. You want to April this year? How long these things? How long this you you know through.

That’s about 2 1/2 months worth. It is literally packaging cardboard and paper and that because I have to get everything delivered. I mean, look at all carrier bags. From all the shopping that’s been delivered.

So what you do every day? You don’t take shower, nothing for for two months.

But no, the last time I took a shower was 5 weeks ago when that was about. Half that size. And then before it got any bigger, I moved it all into the kitchen, had a shower, and then put it all. Back but it got. Such a plan.

I didn’t have this lap in my country, to be honest. Yeah, OK. I’m stop.

I wouldn’t believe that it would happen to anyone.

I stopped this video for now. I’m going to start to I cheque the money 1st through my account and then I start. Yeah. OK. You OK with the content?

Thank. Yeah. Thank you for that. Without you coming down here. I don’t know what I’d lose the cats.


Yes, would come down and take the cats away because it’s not safe for the cats either, and that’s my big concern. You’ve got your own remote.

Yeah. So what your reason you didn’t go out from the home?

Because I’ve been showing that.

Sorry, can you speak English slowly?

Because I get shouted at.

Let’s throw them in the beginning. Because it didn’t happen. This in my country.

The problem right, the problem really is. I’ve signed a tenancy with the Council, which is I see it as a contract A2 way contract. I’ll do my bit. They do their bit well. They’ve not been doing their bit. They’ve got an obligation to keep the fire escape clear. And on paper, they write to all the tenants saying you must keep all your personal items out of the fire escape. But I’ve had the housing manager tell me on the phone we might stay out on paper, but we’re not going to enforce it. And because they don’t put it in writing. No one believes me. I’ve had an 8 month nine months now with the housing.

Numbers. What the reason people doesn’t believe you. Look at pet.

Because they won’t put anything in writing. I’ve had my. I’ve had my care worker do the same. He contacted housing. Four weeks ago and verbally waste management said, oh, we’ll take the rubbish. We can’t. See why we wouldn’t. And then last week.

That the reason the rubbish rubbish pulled because you didn’t go. Up two months, yeah.

Yeah, three months now.

So you didn’t take shower because that love is.

Last time was 5 weeks ago. Six weeks ago now.

Country why you like that?

Because housing a racist. Housing are mostly black people. I’m the only white white person in the block. They’re letting all the black people get away with whatever they want. But they won’t do anything for white people in this in this borough. I can’t say the whole country, but in this borough they are racist. I’ve tried putting a complaint in and they won’t investigate the complaint. They won’t even log the complaint of racism because if they log the complaint. Four people instantly suspended. Any complaint of racism the person gets suspended. They don’t want to do that. I’ve even tried. This is why I’ve got complaints with the police. Six months ago I put a complaint in that they’ve been racist towards me. And they didn’t even investigate it. I had a hate crime 4 weeks ago. On my camera. And the police just closed it without investigating. I think because black people invoked.

I think we not don’t sell blood, no. Good you are racist.

No, I’m not racist. That’s the thing. I I hate using the race card, but it’s the only thing I can think of. The only delimiter is the fact that I’m the only white person in this block and everyone else in the block and everyone else in housing are black. Otherwise, how comes we’ve got black families on this estate selling drugs and not being evicted for years? Years we’ve got.

I didn’t understand that.

Families on this estate selling drugs and being convicted, and they still keep their tenancy. Why? I’ve asked the Council. They refused to answer. It was on Facebook last year. The police actually issued it on Facebook last year, not me making it up. It came from the local police. That the family, a member of the. Family that’s on the estate. Came out of prison for the NTH time. After eight years worth of being convicted. And the family are still here. They should be evicted. The Council aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do. IE look after the weak and vulnerable like me. They’re looking after their own kind. On the surface. I hate saying it. I’m not racist and I can’t stand racism. But on the surface of it, it looks like black people are looking after other black people.

How you test me?

I trust you cause I know you. I think this is the thing. I don’t talk.

You just meet me once.

Yeah, but I don’t tar all black people like the people around here and the people in housing. I judge people how I see them. I don’t. All black people are like this. Because they’re not I. Know plenty of black people that are. Not like that. It just happens. I seem to be in a block in an estate in a. Borough, where a lot of black. People think the same.

Say you have. Why you still have many Alexa?

I started off with the Alexa. For the bedroom. And eventually I started getting all these little smart sockets roundly. And what I was doing before was shouting for the. One in the bedroom. And then there was a Black Friday sale and I got another two for the price of 1. So I put one in there and one in the kitchen. I would put one in the bathroom. But there’s no power in there. So when they. Bring out an Alexa that’s battery powered. One for the bathroom. But I haven’t got a battery powered 1 yet.

You’re not so boring. Normally, if you know how to cut your life. Because, you know, they’re still have a big television complete for when you start on YouTube. Yeah. Or you see my content first or you already start?

Now I started my you. Well, I’ve been lost. I’ve had an account for about 5 or 6 years for YouTube.

Who? Who? The first one? Ohh that that that that.

But I started making content about 3 1/2 years ago.

But you put at me. Ah, you do the first one and me because it’s me. I just lost yours.

Yeah, I’ve been on it for literally since I’ve been basically. I’ve been diarize in my life.

But Alexa, the funny things about Alexa, why you like Alexa? Because you can talk with them.

Well, the reason I’ve got so many elected.

Alexa, I do expect our guys, speaker, speaker.

Yeah. What do you think?

Oh, this, this is you.

Moving background, I like it. That was lovely video. He’s probably going to upset some people, but thank you for watching and. I shall speak to you again shortly.