23rd november just after 9 30.

hi um bill i’ve got asperger’s which i was diagnosed with six years ago and i’m on hunger strike

and i intend to stay on it until an investigation is made of formal external investigation to bacon and dagnam council and the way they treat people particularly people with mental health issues because they have treated me appallingly since i’ve told them six years ago when i got diagnosed they’ve put me on a vacatious list which i can’t get direct evidence from because they’re refusing to actually supply me with the details but at one point they did tell me that they

weren’t going to take any notice they’ve instructed apparently all staff at barclay and admin council have been instructed to ignore any direct communications with me and only communications via the corporate complaints department or via the 3000 direct channel will be tolerated everything else is going to be ignored i told them at the time this would put me in danger and they did not see how i’ve actually paid for the evidence to be reproduced because i’ve lost the letter they sent me but they did send the letter out i’ve got a witness to that and they basically ignored me and the information commissioner will not help me because i’ve put complaint in before they can get involved

and because they’re dealing with vexatiously a lot of complaints are not being logged which i believe needs investigating because i have evidence that they’re not logging all complaints which they’re supposed to under the law they’re choosing which complaints to look to make their stats look better

it’s also the way they’ve dealt with like neighbor disputes and repairs i haven’t had repairs done in three years now because they’re refusing to contact me correctly i don’t take private calls because of personal issues which the council are aware of but when you look at fault call with repairs for barca and dagenham council currently you cannot get a date they have to refer you to scheduling and when scheduling call back if you’re at work and you don’t pick the phone up they never leave a voicemail so of course if there’s no voicemail to call them back on you don’t get repairs done because i can’t agree a date and the only other way they get to contact you is to randomly come round and knock on your door without any prior contact which also is not the correct way of doing things but it’s just if they’re in the neighborhood they’ll knock on the door even though i’ve told them this puts me at risk because then everyone knows i’m not home so that’s been going on for years it’s various issues it’s like my neighbor stole my gate it might only seem like a trivial matter but she stole my gate i report this to the council they’re not pressing charges and they’re offering to pay for a replacement gate out of public funds which at the least they should look after the public funds and charge my neighbor for the gate it’s what they’re supposed to do they’re not supposed to say oh because you know it’s easier for us to pay for the gate rather than take her to call it’s an opening chat case i’ve got photographs of the gate in her garden and she doesn’t even deny taking the gate off she’s been questioned by the council she’s been questioned by the police she’s admitted it to both and so you know if she’s admitted she’s taken the gate then the council have got an easy win but they’re offering to pay for a replacement gate and it’s stuff like that it’s a waste of public funds they’re supposed to look after the public purse and if they’re offering to pay because they can’t be bothered then that is not looking after the public person that should go to the national audit office at least together with like fraudulently claiming not logging all um complaints i can prove they didn’t log all complaints but no one’s taking the action i’ve taken this up to my mp my counselors i’ve even complained to the council the lgo even shelter and no one’s done anything shelter off said i’ve actually gone through all the channels but at the end of the day there’s nothing that anyone can do so this means to go up to a parliamentary investigation in my book anyway to cut a long story short i’m on hunger strike because it’s not so much a strike as i just don’t see the point of repeating the same cycle all the time no one believes that i’m ill so i’ve stopped taking my meds because they’re covering up how i actually feel inside i feel fine well i feel as fine as i ever have which is like pretty bland balder into severe depression it doesn’t get good but on the outside the medication was making it appear like it was normal and when you go for assessments i’ve been for two mental health assessments in the last six months and both have discharged me because they say well he’s clean and he’s well presented and he’s articulate nothing wrong with him so mental health people are all supposed to walk around apparently according to all the assessors including dwp and pip if you’ve got mental health you’re not supposed to be clean you’re not supposed to be able to talk and you’re not supposed to be able to dress yourself all mental wealth people apparently need to do that but because i can’t go out the ass because of the asperger’s i have to be clean if i’m going somewhere and i put an act on so i can get to these places i’ve told them exactly what i have to do during the day just to get by and of course they ignore what you tell them and they put down what they see so if you polish your shoes and you put some clean clothes on and you don’t smell and you don’t look like you’re covered in lice and you’re not a gibbering idiot then you haven’t got a mental health problem so you know if you’re being assessed for mental health you need to be a gibbering idiot wear some old clothes that you’ve been in the ground for six months and um basically be wheeled into the assessment center and then they might see that you’ve got a mental health problem other than that no one with spurges has got a mental health problem low functioning high functioning doesn’t make a difference if you’ve got autism and you can dress yourself and wash and you can get there whether you’ve been there because of someone else helping you doesn’t make a difference you can be as mentally ill as possible and they won’t see it and to top it off not only do they get discharged from the local health authority because they think i’m fine nothing wrong with me but they’ve i’ve also been stopped esa because department of work confessions just don’t see any problem even though the assessor when i was assessed i had she tested my blood pressure and it was like 189 over 120 severely high and it was because of the stress caused by the interview going on next door which was noisy and she hasn’t put any of that in the assessment and basically the assessors lie well at least they’re not putting everything down they see they put down what they’re trained to put down but i don’t believe that assessors for anything are generally trained in autism they say they’ve got mental health training but are they qualified in it or have they just been given a five-day course difference three years in mental health training five days to assess you can’t assess people on a five-day course so basically and i hate that phrase

um i don’t see the point of going forward because every now and then this keeps going around in circles the men oil team start contacting you they send the police round i’ve had the police ran twice already and then the mental health team gained vote you get assurances action would be taken bloody bloody blur and then the whole thing gets overlooked forgotten and then you get swept under the carpet and then nothing gets done it’s taken five no six months now even just to wait for a social care plan so what i’ve supposed been doing for the last six months if it wasn’t for my one friend nothing would have happened and i could have easily died in six months without anyone noticing all people would have known is oh he’s not answering phone calls from dwp but hey when dwp called me a few days ago on the assessment i actually told him i can’t answer phone calls on private numbers because of like i explained various issues that happened to me in the past abuse and threats so i don’t answer private calls i’ve explained all this to the local authority by the way and what did they do they called me back on a private number and the only reason i know it was them on the private number is because they did leave voice message and they just explained that they’d be writing to me in the next few days and then they cut my esa payments off even though i’ve got a six certificate covering me to january and when my friend called esa dwp they would advise that i need to sign on and i told them i can’t sign on because legally i would be breaking the law because i know i’m not fit for work so we’re in a stalemate now i’ve got no income coming in i’m not eating all i’m having is coffee and the odd bit of fruit juice if i’ve got some or milk so there’s not much nutrients going in and basically unless action gets taken i will end up in hospital and probably sectioned if it goes really far because everyone’s been ignoring me for 24 years i’ve had abuse i’ve had abuse of my life but for 24 years i’ve had abuse from the council and no one’s investigating this if it was child abuse you’d have a parliamentary investigation no but mental health abuse no parliamentary investigation takes place strange that it depends on what the press see as optimum at the time i suppose but to me abuse is abuse it doesn’t matter whether it’s to children or women or the disabled it’s all the same so if there should be a parliamentary investigation into child abuse they should also be one into mental health abuse and that needs to be done urgently because i believe i’m not the only one because i’ve been told by the mental health team today i’m not the only one that’s been doing this so pull your finger out people let’s take some action together and let’s force a change in the government and get an investigation into local authorities and how they deal with mental health and their customers residents everyone it needs to come from the top down the police can’t press charges to the investigation so let’s start an investigation that’s it for now i’ll update you tomorrow morning after waking up thank you for listening and remember subscribe to keep watching