hello right um it’s been a wacky old few days since the last report things have definitely turned i finally due to a accident by bark and dagon council have got a string of emails which not only confirm i am being treated vexatiously they also confirm other restrictions that are being placed on me also

well to misquote one of my most liked movies

cry havoc and let’s lift the dogs of war

for years i have tried i’ve even paid the council to get the evidence because i know it’s there and they’ve ignored my repeat requests sar requests that are paid for and i’ve got full documentary evidence which i’m just going through now it will take a few days

it’s going to be a multi-pronged attack let’s put it this way

now i’ve got fire in your belly no one is safe

i will have to consider my position and see what my next moves will be and it will be several moves it won’t just be one i mean a great example of how they are ignoring me is i contacted christopher marchant today regarding a couple of questions one concerning steve my social worker

don’t know another name for him i think he’s my social worker um he obviously doesn’t read what he’s sending me he got me into a panic an anxiety attack for 90 minutes this morning when he emailed me a copy of a hospital letter which apparently i haven’t responded to according to him

well after i responded to it contacted barking hospital and spoke to kim very nice woman but how many times am i gonna have to apologize for the counts with my life they’ve got the information totally wrong i’m not saying any more on this because i’ve raised it up it is quite apparent in my normal mind i would have just ignored it because it is so apparent i would have spotted it but because i’m not in my normal mind i didn’t spot it straight away kim had to tell me

ah they give them eyes but they cannot see and nor can the council when it comes to me i asked two simple questions and i got nine of them answered

and something like six or seven paragraph email explaining what his team are doing how much time they’re putting into me and how many valuable resources are being taken up because of me basically saying oh you’re wasting so much council time mr gibbons you are a naughty boy really christopher i i mean i am being so helpful and i’m trying to calm this down but every time i try to calm it down they just ignore me fiona taylor for instance i have emailed her directly a couple of times now she’s ignoring it regarding the discrimination and the vexatiousness she is supposed to be under the act of the 1989 act which gave her her powers gave her a job

and when she’s still incorrectly listed on barkingdagnum website and i’ve contacted london councils and they’re going to look into that and advise the capital because i told him them i’ve advised them and they’re ignoring me

um basically everyone’s got until noon tomorrow i’ve issued another request christopher who totally ignored my first one and asked him outright are you refusing to answer the questions if i received no response by noon today now the fourth of december 2017 then i will correctly assume that he is not taking any further action everything has been logged everything has been noted everything is being recorded

and all my paperwork i’m going through they are making a sick person go through hell and they are going to pay for it this time so let’s see who has to fight for it because i’ve been putting up this for 24 years i’ve asked nicely i mean classically the vexases vexatiousness policy they have section 4 actually states that they are supposed to deal with it making allowances for any illness or health problems really didn’t seem to they put me on a vexatious list four years ago i asked for evidence two years ago and six years ago and ever since when i got diagnosed with asperger’s i’ve been informing the council whether they’ve got it on their record at that time i don’t care i’ve got evidence to say i’ve notified the council it’s up to them what they do with it so

let’s see what the next few days breath because the tide has now turned i have direct evidence they’ve been withholding the evidence for two years i should have had the evidence they sent me a letter it didn’t comply with a um vexatiousness policy it’s supposed to be reviewed hasn’t been reviewed i’m permanently on a vexatious list supposed to be reviewed every six months i’m supposed to be told when it’s reviewed and what actions have been taken according to their policy i’ve got this flowchart they haven’t done anything they’ve seen me as an annoying person and they’d rather me dead now i say this i don’t say this lightly the reason i think bark and dagnam are trying to kill me is because i keep complaining about i’ve got no income remember so i keep having to harass social services about a food voucher i’m supposed to get one every three days in three weeks i’m on my third one tomorrow so you work it out i’m three behind as of today

and when i contacted social services today i said why am i getting such grief trying to get a food voucher oh well you have to take that up with your social worker oh well done steve and chris you know great boys i mean normally i’d put a complaint in but i know they’re not going to deal with it i’ve even asked on my email how chris could possibly justify putting a complaint in a formal complaint through the normal procedures and through normal policies how they could justify me not complaining about steve’s email when they normally turn it down because i’ve suffered no harm i was anxious for 90 minutes suffered angst not what normal people said oh he was anxious he wasn’t anxious he was nervous there’s difference nervous is you know the unknown apprehension is nervousness anxiety is off the wall it’s on a different scale when you get anxiety attack that’s it your mind just goes all focused on that one thing and it’s like well what are we done wrong what we’re done wrong what’s going to happen every time they threaten to take further action because they want to do me for harassment i know they do but i’ve done nothing legally wrong i’ve got so much evidence to say i’m not well i can get statements from your neighbors statements from your friends statements from the gp surgery that i go to because they’ve seen me back they’ve seen me recently i’ve spoken to the practice manager at my local gp surgery and this was only about a week ago and i was not well then i’m not well known and she would if i asked nicely she would give me some sort of statement i know she would because she’s a nice person i’ve had a few runnings with her but i think that’s mostly because me asperger’s and anxiety i just get frustrated quite easily so i’ve got a food batter to pick up tomorrow i will ask them when i pick the food batter up why am i only getting one a week instead of two

and i know they’re going to say oh well we don’t know because we’re not in that department but i will ask anyway because no one else in the council are answering my questions so i’ve got a lot of work to do for the next few days so there might not be another video for a few days until monday i’ve got a report back tomorrow on the progress of the possible exchange which will help my health considerably but unfortunately for the council if it does go through

it will give me more time to concentrate on

the discrimination that i’ve suffered for at least four years

fixatiousness is i can understand vexatiousness but if you dig into the reason i was put on in the first place and this is only guesswork because i haven’t been told what the reason is the reason i think is because when i put when i put a question in it comes down to questions at the end of the day not complaints because i asked about the phone system and it went on for several weeks this email about the phone system because when they only half answer a question i have to email back clarify what the answer was i don’t deal with many people apart from a few recently

customer services um sandra emma and some relationship manager and one or two others which i’ve put comments in been very that’s another thing when you do want to compliment someone the website for barking and dagenham is atrocious you get an email from someone and you think oh they’ve done really well or you get someone’s name and you’re asking what department and you think oh i’ll give them a compliment you go to the barkingdom website there’s a drop down list of about 25 different areas you can put a comment in and twice so far the people i’ve tried to compliment aren’t actually on the list the first one i spoke to the manager i got through to someone in the managers in the um customer service section and they said they were going to put it in anyway on my behalf which they did because i think they covered me on an email the second one i just put it into the nearest department i could find i don’t think it was the right department but it was guesswork so i had to put what department she was in it’s atrocious why can’t they just have an email where you can just send an email in it would be so much easier than a web form that is hardly ever updated because let’s face it if they still have incorrect details about the phone number on the emails and the lgmo because even when i spoke to someone recently a couple of days ago i was talking about this to someone and they had a look on the barking diving website and they could not safe and love the money what the ogl lgmo was david was just down as a contact for something related to the ogemo but he wasn’t specifically down there as the old german so you go to the london council’s website it’s all there i’ll put a link down below for the london council’s website top website easiest to use you want to find someone in your council it’s there look at the london council’s website first i don’t know what the other capsules are unlike probably a lot better than barking dagman but look at the london councils one that is updated why they update that one and not their own one i don’t know but hey so i’ll get another dose of food voucher stuff tomorrow i’m gonna ask him not for any more pulled pork because that is disgusting it comes in like a ham tin one of those sort of like almost egg-shaped things and it is i mean i’d rather have anchovies in a tin than pulled pork it would be less salty

so hopefully no pulled pork tomorrow i’ll ask them but they’ll probably end up putting it in i’ll keep asking for food for merlin the cat and in two weeks they’ve given me two tins of food for the poor creature i don’t know i really don’t know

so hopefully the council don’t kill me

hopefully they will sit up and listen and hopefully i will be compensated for at least four years of grief so i mean i talk about compensation but i’ve asked for you know just an apology for having floorboards up for eight years when i kept saying can you come and repair them because they finished they half finished the job about installing radiators and they all left site and for eight years they wouldn’t come around and repair the floorboards as it was as it was the guys that came round to repla pair the floorboards not only didn’t apologize for it but as i believed they would do they just budged the job they put electrical cables underneath the hot water pipes which you’re not supposed to do it’s against regulations there’s no insulation good forbid what happens when these because you have to turn the boiler right up to get any heat in the next place so those pipes are getting red hot not literally but they’re up to about 70 degrees what’s electrical cable going to do with prolonged activity over the winter with that sort of heat on them it’s not going to be good but no one comes around and checks this is the thing i thought there’s supposed to be supervisors for this sort of work no they just have some budget to come out i’ll put bloody thing in because gibbons is complaining well i can play for 24 years to get electrical insulation or electrical rewire 24 years ago i said it was not safe they ignored me they treated me like a fool i had three inspections in the end because the council kept losing the external paperwork oh what a coincidence

and the third inspection took a long time because i kept refusing to let them in because they’ve got two inspections all that i phoned up t brown and i said well why can’t they just get the paperwork from you and t brown said no reason no all they got to do is give us a ring give us your address and we’ll fax it over to them no they had to have a third inspection but he brown so not only more public money wasted when they could have got a fax for free they wasted my time and t brown’s time okay tbrand got charged for it or charged back to the council it’s basically wasting my time and public money the council when it comes to me at least i’ve got documentary evidence they’re wasting public money and they don’t care at least they don’t answer the emails fiona has got till she’s got under 12 hours now because if fiona the local government monitoring officer does not respond to me by noon today then i will assume that not only is she treating me vexatiously in accordance with the council’s policy she is also not fulfilling the role of a job correctly because technically according to the act and i keep quoting the act i quoted acts for years to this council and they think i’m an idiot thank you last time i was measured iq 122. thank you who’s the idiot

which is why i’m not going into detail but her job under the act is to investigate and correct any in proprietary she is supposed to be acting as an external agent that is paid for by the council but is not controlled by the council that is her job under law and if she’s taking direct instructions from the chief executive’s office because that’s who corporate complaints will report to at least it was last time i checked this structure might have changed but last time i checked was about three months ago then she is not fulfilling her job but hey how many people in the capital are i’ve come across three so far that are actually doing what they’re supposed to two great customer services people i’m sorry whoever it was but whoever sandra put me through to she was cracking as well but i i can find out

um and so far emma sanders because every time she calls me it’s always on time she’s always polite she’s always apologizing for me breaking into tears every time she calls me because just the very thought of being stuck with the council brings me to tears and all the council really want to do is get me in a bad bedside which would not really help me mentally one i do need people with me not all the time but a lot of the time i have to have someone here i mean let’s face it last christmas i got two strangers in one for christmas one for new year’s eve i couldn’t stand it me and me ex weren’t really talking very much at that time but we’re back on terms and she’s down as my carer so let’s see where things go anyway sorry for the run thank you for watching fingers crossed i’ll have some better news for you in a few days time

and let’s see how it all pans out in the next few weeks i’ve played the long game

i mean what phrase sums it up another star trek phrase i mean it’s all out of shakespeare cast and shakespeare but he comes up with some cracking one line as i will on the quiet

i think it would have to be

cry god for harry england anderson george never give up there’s always hope as long as you keep your head and don’t do anything really criminal

anyway thanks for watching speak