There’s another episode, Simon Simon. This is Monday. And considering I complained about the lack of communication from the police.

And the fact that came round on Friday and I’ve had to put another complaint in because they didn’t call me back on Friday like they. Said they would. I’m just getting fed up of all this rejection by public servants. I mean he. He sat here for about an hour. That chap and. Just testing. Yes, it’s on there and you made notes of all the people that are accused of being racist in the Council and you made notes of, you know, all the videos I’ve shown you. And then he insisted that he Sergeant would call me that evening and I stayed up till about 2:30. Three 3:00 o’clock in the morning, just in case. Having coffee to try and stay awake. And now it’s Monday and still no communication from the police. I’ve got over 30 bags of rubbish and bathroom. It stinks in there. I’m doing my best to keep the. Flies down, but. It’s an uphill struggle. I can’t get anyone to answer any ******* simple questions. Opening bit marks of the time. I’ve just come along. Anyone.


A year have been asked in simple questions. What do people at a housebound do about rubbish when they? Live in a. Flat. How ******* difficult is that question. I said that to the Council last year and they said, Mr Gibbons, you have to take it. To the communal bins. Yourself. And I kept saying, but I’m ******* housebound. How am I supposed to? Get it to the bin. If I could get it to the bin there. Wouldn’t be a problem. And now the Council’s pretending they don’t ******* understand the question. Telling me about we wouldn’t expect the residents to move the communal beings. Ohh. No, but you do because you’re. Living in such ******* awkward places. He’s one of my little saviours, this is casting. Eat my little black and white baby. Aren’t your son. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I am resorting to living off plenty of fish and talking to people online via plenty of fish. I’ve even had people on here. Offer to talk to me, offer to. Take my WhatsApp number and you’ll not do anything about it, OK, they do but. I’ve got someone on Tinder that says Ohh have you got WhatsApp? Yes, you give me the number. Nothing happens and I’ll virtually get blanked. And the same thing has happened to another one that actually got me. WhatsApp sent me a couple of messages and then nothing. What is up with people getting? Excuse me. Excuse me. Sorry. What is up with people? Now don’t receive your messages straight away on WhatsApp. Don’t they understand that Kevin Casper. Oh, come on. You’ve seen it as a game there, son. Come on, it’s dangerous cause I might put. My feet on you. I’m not well. I’ve not been able to get any fresh air for weeks now. Mumps unaided. My health is deteriorating rapidly, mentally and physically. And no one, as far as I know, gives a ******* ****. My MP and my counsellors do **** all kissed armour. **** you mate. I’ve emailed you two or three times and tweeted you two or three times. You ******* ignored me. The same with. Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party headquarters ignored Ministry of Justice, ignored, emailed, ignored. I have tried so many ******* people getting ignored. Remember Victoria Colombia? Only lessons will be learned, and then five years later, another ******* 30 or 40 people children abused. Lessons we’ve learned. We’re learning. They’re not going to be learned in my ******* case. Listen, they’ll be ******* man. Basically, what that means is. Ohh yes, we remember Victoria. We won’t let her die again. That’s what. The lesson is. Well, I’ve got some frozen jacket potatoes in there. I’ve made poor manned chilli, basically some mince, some chopped tomatoes and some onions and chilli powder. Hot chilli powder. And I’ll be having that for dinner. To try and warm up. The more it. Goes in the more it comes out. You’re all a ******* bunch. Are wasting time. You really are. I can’t stand any of you now. ******* humans. And I don’t even know how I’m supposed to end this. I think it’s that. Go on, go away.